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Petroleum Process Engineering Services Co.(PESCO) it’s an Oil & Gas specialized for oilfield services works and infarstructure security services company registered BVI & Iraq, serve in south and mid-south of Iraq and Middle East , established by investor who are active in the Iraq and Middle East , having an extensive knowledge and experience in Petroleum Oil & Gas Services ,Construction ,Professional Project Management, Oil & Gas Infrastructure Security includes access control and intruder detection, preventing unauthorized access by individuals and vehicles, supplemented by video surveillance .Procurement and Supplies of Petroleum Spares and Materials to Ministry of Oil in Iraq and affiliated companies in addition to Commodities Trading through the Iraq and Middle East , PESCO executed of Industrial projects and engineering management, Security Managements, Oil & Gas Infrastructure Security ,Chemical Fluids ,Water treatment , Petroleum Field Management, Catering , Commodities Trading and all other related and have successfully completed several contracts as individuals partners(Investor ) in this regard and others with American Prime Contractors such as Bethel , CORPS OF Engineers …. Ext.

Executive Management

PESCO has experienced with technical & commercial personnel team domestic and international expertise and knowledge. The Company only employs highly experienced, honest and reliable experts from reputable oil and gas industry backgrounds, with all employees’ experience, qualifications and backgrounds professionally verified. With over twenty years of extensive experience, PESCO managers and staff providing Construction services, Operations, trading and Management of Industrial facilities in addition to Infrastructure security services


PESCO established and positioned to continue these services well into the future. Our program team is comprised of professionals that live worldwide full-time. We understand how to work well and with international Petroleum prime contractors & traders.


PESCO plans on continued growth in Middle East for decades. To achieve our goal, we understand that we must deliver with competent partners and achieve highest possible products and services, operate ethically and openly, and provide reliable and responsive management support. We feel we can offer a tremendous capability at an exceptional value, with little to no mobilization time. Our personnel are trained, prepared, and pre-deployed in their professions.


Corporate Profile

PESCO conducted Several well know companies such as Chinese rigs manufacturer “Haicheng Petroleum Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd” HPMM in China that have had a lot experiences in drilling activities to be joint ventured with PESCO and participate in petroleum drilling sector in Iraq, Thales Group where we were jointly submitted to south oil company / MoO for pipeline leak detection and intergrade security protection of storage, system …. Ext, In addition to others like Hill Intl for project management of integrated petroleum drilling, construction and security activities, Our People are our greatest asset. Technical & Commercial Personnel are selected on the basis of relevant experience, geographical knowledge and technical competence. All operators and logistics on behalf of PESCO understand what is required from them at the outset of each and every project and through experience and management support always deliver the required results.



Petroleum Process Engineering Services Co.(PESCO) provides total Petroleum contracting & commodities trading services such as integrated drilling services by JV with “Haicheng Petroleum Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd” (HPMM) in addition to Oil & Gas Infrastructure Security includes access control and intruder detection, preventing unauthorized access by individuals and vehicles, supplemented by video surveillance by JV and Subcontractor /KIP Thales Group . The Project Management through the integrated teams of technical &commercial personnel experienced in all aspects are provided. Our skills personnel covered the following positions:


Engineering & Construction


•Process Engineering •Contracts Engineers

•Drilling, Electro-Mechanical &Civil Engineering •Drilling Supervisors

•Project Management •Project Managers

•Planning and Scheduling •Operations Managers

•Quality Control •Geologists

•Quality Assurance •Completion Engineers •HSE Advisors

•Safety •Wells Service/Test .Supervisors

•Material Coordinators.










Infrastructure Security (Oil & Gas)

Infrastructure Security includes access control and intruder detection, preventing unauthorized access by individuals and vehicles, supplemented by video surveillance.

PESCO offers as Thales KIP and Subcontractor a complete solution for intrusion from sea, air and subsea. It is wholly integrated to a Security Operations Centre


Intrusion Detection. Protection of the perimeter uses a variety of detection technologies, such as active fences equipped with fiber optic and microphonic cable, to detect vibrations and sound, infrared and microwave barriers, CCTV for motion detection and access control. More innovative and bespoke solutions can also be employed.


Security Operations Centers form the heart of any security infrastructure where data is fused, events correlated and warnings issued.


Pipelines Security Detection

Intrusion Detection. Intrusion detection and perimeter protection are provided by microphone sensors linked to fences and hyper-frequency sensors. Video surveillance at key points along the pipeline route can provide pre- and post-alarm digital event recording at central control stations. In addition, Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs) can help provide monitoring of the pipeline. Processing and storage Identification and access control. PESCO offers as Thales KIP and Subcontractor a different levels of control for staff, sub-contractors and visitors, using measures such as contactless smart badges that display the user's picture on the guard's control screen during entry and can include biometrics such as fingerprint or face recognition for high security zones. Turnstiles or trap doors allow single person access, using an anti-pass-back function to avoid badges being passed to another person to enter a zone. Badges with limited access rights are also widely used. For vehicle access control.